Wednesday, January 31, 2007

An On-Campus Job, Only Off-Campus.

It’s only one week into the semester and I feel as if I’m already overwhelmed. I’m taking four graduate-level classes, working for an assistantship, helping teach an undergraduate class, and am trying to manage my finances.

*Whine* *Whine*

I understand that no one wants to hear about my life, but all of this pressure has lit a light bulb in my head. This one’s for you, Downtown Cortland.

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who is burdened by finances while attending college; however, I’m positive that there are a ton of work-study programs that help lessen this load. But, why not integrate our town with our school further? What if the work-study programs stretched into downtown Cortland?

Ultimate Music could help fund my college education while I work there on the weekends. This would help my situation and it would definitely bring more business to this music store. What if Dave works at Downtown Deli and, in return, it helps him buy his books and gives him some food.

I understand this could get sticky, maybe…

Well, Ray, what if you just go ahead and get a job there? Skip the whole college-involvement thing? Economically I would figure that this would work the same, but I would have to argue that the businesses on Main St. (all of downtown) would flourish with more interaction with the school.

Dave: Hey guys did you hear that I got into the work-study program down at M&D Deli?
Friends: No way! that’s awesome.
Dave: Yeah, they help me pay for school and give me free food; the sandwiches are amazing down there.
Friends: I didn’t even know that place existed!
Dave: You guys should definitely come down and try it when you get a chance; I’ll even put more pickles on your sub!
Friends: Definitely! When do you work next?

Not only has Dave exposed the deli hidden on Central Ave., but he’s also brought business.

It seems like this is another win-win situation. I figured that I’d just throw this idea out there. What would it take to do this? Cheers.



Steven said...

Hey Ray,

Can Dave make a good grilled chicken salad? Does this deli have hot coffee and a table to do last minute lesson planning? I am getting hungry already. Where is it again? Tell me more! See you in Class. Why doesn't Binghamton have a forum like this? (See my rant on my blog) LOL

Kathleen said...

Hey Ray...

Another location in Cortland that also takes part in Work Study is the J.M. McDonald Sports Complex. it is right off Homer Avenue. I worked there during my last year in Cortland.(sniff, sniff)

It was good to have a weekend job while student teaching... extra cash is never a bad thing... plus if I worked during my dinner hour, there was always the option of getting some good eats at the snack bar...

The complex always has something interesting going on during the weekdns too...Check it out.