Wednesday, January 17, 2007


It’s finally starting to feel like winter around here. I’m back, folks; I apologize for the brief hiatus. I was home for vacation and then I was busy running around—I also had some technical difficulties with signing into the blog. But, I’m back.

The first day that it “really” snowed last week I went over to Labrador Mtn. to buy aseason pass and get a couple of runs in. Sitting peacefully on the lift (sitting on the lift is quite tranquil) I began to think. It seems to me that Cortland would benefit from the fact that there are two ski slopes in the area.

When I was younger, my friends and I would have to travel a little over an hour to get to a mountain. But, in Cortland, there are two with in 20 miles. I understand that skiing isn’t the most cost efficient hobby, but it just seems to me that our community could use it as another way to bond together. Maybe we could work out a special deal with the mountain for one day. Free rentals with the purchase of a lift ticket? I know Greek Peak has free lift ticket days.

I understand the notion that the initial view on this suggestion would stimulate a less than optimistic response. What would be the purpose of this?

I work at Mando Books so why would I want to hang out with the guy from the Sarvay commercials?

I can’t help but think of the possibilities that come with a community of one. Imagine a community that everyone helps everyone else—you wash my back and I’ll wash yours. Promoting a business and sharing customers would be that much easier.

Business Owner 1: I’m having a really hard time setting up a website to promote my business.

Business Owner 2: Maybe I could help out. I set mine up a month ago.

Business Owner 1: Thanks Pal. I’m so glad I went on this ski trip with you.

Ski trip or not, camaraderie between our community could pay giant dividends. More to come on this subject later. Cheers.

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