Monday, April 30, 2007

Hurtin Units at Luckys

For some time, Cortland has had the reputation as a place with a thriving music scene. At the forefront of that scene, is Lucky's. Last week, the establishment hosted two up-and-coming bands, Nate in Public and Hurtin Units.

Nate in Public left a lasting impression on the crowd with their brand of rock. The out-of-town act was the beneficiary of hometown favorites Hurtin Units. Lucky's was packed, as it tends to be for their concerts. I've had the pleasure of attending two of their concerts, and they don't draw the kind of crowd you would expect from small-town Cortland.

I recently had the chance to sit down with Hurtin Units lead-singer Robby Petrella and ask him a few questions about the band.

Downtown Blog: How did you think the last show at Lucky's went?
Robby: It was awesome; I thought it was a really good time. It's easier to play in front of a crowd when people know all your songs.

Downtown Blog: So you enjoy playing in Cortland?
Robby: Yea, we haven't went out too much lately to other venues. We're more enthusiastic about getting back out on the road lately. Are shows here are more successful because we're well known. Playing at Lucky's is kind of a marriage of convenience because I work here and Bobcat [Bob Catalano lead guitarist] owns the place.

Downtown Blog: What other places have you played in Cortland?
Robby: We've played a lot at the campus, and we've played the Cortland Summer Series. I've sung solo stuff at open mics at the blue frog, but we've never played there as a band.

Downtown Blog: Where are some other places you've enjoyed playing?
Robby: I think the best show we ever played was at the Shine Center at SU 4-5 years ago. It was awesome; kid that hadn't seen us were really enjoying the show. Some other good places were the district and the Hardcore Barbecue.

Downtown Blog: Have you ever had the chance to open for more mainstream popular bands?
Robby: We've been really lucky in that aspect. We've opened for The Ataris, Dashboard Confessional, The Movie Life, Murphy's Law. The Dashboard show was before they were big, but the show actually got shut down because there was a fight beforehand.

Downtown Blog: What bands to you consider your influences?
Robby: The Ramones, The Descendents, Bouncing Souls.

Downtown Blog: What are your favorite songs to play?
Robby: Two new ones; Goodbyes" and "Hometown." They're on the new CD. I like them because I think people like to sing along to them at the concerts.

Downtown Blog: Hurtin Units is an interesting name for a band, how'd you come up with that?
Robby: I was living in Colorado when I came up with the name. We'd all be drinking one night and we'd go snowboarding the next day. I'd say to myself "wow, I'm a hurtin unit." And I always thought it'd be a cool name for a band.

Well Cortland, there you have it: one reason why Cortland is a rock haven. If you haven't checked out any of the shows playing at Lucky's before, and you're in the area, make sure you stop by and enjoy the music.

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