Saturday, February 03, 2007


A lot of people are skeptical on the effectiveness of a weblog. I presume that I didn’t truly see the benefits at first, also. But, as things are exploding, I figured I would take some time to prove the cogency of such a medium.

It appears that many more people are reading this blog than I figured. Steven, a native from Binghamton, addresses our situation in his personal weblog entitled Oceans of Notions. In this post he exposes the positivity that’s erupting from our attempted merger of school and city. He goes as far as to wish this was happening in his hometown.

Hopefully, as the plan goes, we are able to create a “learning community” through this blog that many people will benefit from. The best way, and maybe the only way, to achieve this objective is through collaboration. The more people that read this blog and, specifically, the more people that comment the easier this will be. If we are able to create an active learning environment, using blogging as a medium, then the sky is the limit.

I would like to thank Steven for reading and contributing to our blog. I’m hoping that more and more people will step up and help motivate others. Every time someone voices his/her opinion we are able to more clearly identify some of this issues that we need to ameliorate.

So if you are reading this blog, then please comment; even if you just want to leave a sentence acknowledging the fact that you do contribute. Let’s all help Cortland. Cheers.

[SIDE NOTE: I will also be adding a mapping counter so that we can all view who is looking at this blog and from where.]


Steven said...

Thanks Ray! You da man! As a new student in second semester actually, I am quite unfamiliar with all of the things Cortland has to offer, not to mention the street names...etc. I have a map of the college campus, but I think a map with the surrounding area with highlighted points of reference and interests would be an invaluable asset. Maybe some businesses would pay for the cost of these maps...which could contain coupons, etc., to generate and advertise business.

Mary W said...

Hi, Ray....

I didn't need you to send me the link -- I FOUND the Downtown Cortland blog -- I'd never have looked if you hadn't told me you were writing for it -- looks great -- I've lived in the Homer Cortland area since 1969 -- so if anyone wants to know history (or where to find (whatever)..just send me a message...

Mary W (Ray's prof)

rayhedrick said...

I'm glad you found the site, Dr. Ware. We're going to be focusing on music live and local... and not so local. So, if you have any suggestions--please, let us know!

Thanks for commenting!


Anonymous said...


I forgot how I found this blog but I've checked it out a couple times and figured I'd make my presence known :)

I guess I represent a different (probably smaller) side of Cortland... I grew up here, went to college elsewhere, but managed to stumble upon a good position here after 4 years working in the south and decided to move back. I spend a good portion of my time downtown both at work and when I'm out some evenings so I obviously come in contact with the older student population frequently.

Anyway, it's interesting to see the student point of view on the city, and maybe it will be interesting to contrast with a point of view that is from a non-student but still on the young and active side as well.